Privacy Policy
This document is the Privacy Policy, which applies to all the information, including personal data, which You grant 7OPTION access to use, due to the use of trading tools of the 7OPTION platform, on website (hereinafter the site or website) and 7OPTION mobile application (hereinafter mobile app). All the links to the 7OPTION domain and 7OPTION mobile application have equal value
This Privacy Policy is a significant part of the User Agreement. The information that the client provides is being thoroughly processed by the 7OPTION employees and 7OPTION, which protects personal data itself, in accordance with the existing legislation. This data is a determining factor for receiving access to the 7OPTION Trading platform (hereinafter the Company). The Company guarantees the confidentiality of every client and recommends to get acknowledged with all the details of Privacy Policy. By passing registration on this Website, you fully and unconditionally agree to the terms of this Trading platform.
1. The information that every client provides us with
1.1. Like most websites, we use cookies.

1.2 Some cookies are necessary for the normal operation of the Website. They are used without obtaining any additional permission from the client. First of all, those are the cookies which:
1) are needed to identify the source from which the transition was made to the Website.
2) contain the user session duration ID.

1.3 We also focus attention on data about the client’s device and process it, including the IP address (Internet Protocol address) and browser configuration.

1.4 Every client is asked to provide his/her email to complete the registration process on the Website. By choice, the client has an option to enter more detailed information regarding himself/herself in the personal account on the Website. This info can concern first and last name, date of birth, gender, phone number, and nationality.

1.5 When recharging the balance on the Trading Platform, the client gives consent to the processing of his/her data by financial institutions and payment system providers, who are partners to 7OPTION. This info can include any personal info (first and last name, etc.) and payment details, including the bank card number, its expiration and CVC/CVV code, information on the credit/financial institution, and/or the issuer. If necessary, 7OPTION is obligated to provide clients financial information upon the request of the payment system providers for the financial good of the client. This also may concern data from clients' passport or other documents, which can identify one’s identity on a legal basis, email address, and phone number. The company may provide this information to the payment system providers in the event this data is indicated in Your personal account personally by You. The company works only with those payment system providers, does not violate the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) regulations. It guarantees maximum confidentiality for clients' information.

1.6 Payment system providers receive and process such information during a short period. They are obligated to delete this information upon achieving the processing goals unless the law requires or allows for the establishment of a more extended period for the storing of such personal data.

1.7 A prerequisite for our cooperation with payment system providers is that they fulfill the requirements of the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR).

1.8 During verification, the company requests from every client a copy of all the pages of the passport with personal data and photo, or a copy of the front and backside of an ID card. Also, the company may request a copy of the payment details. In some cases, the Company may request info regarding the current bank account, which is related to utility bills, the agreement with the bank to open the account, scanned copies of bank cards, which relate to depositing to the Trading platform. All the additional info is provided only if the previously provided information does not enable us to verify your identity fully.

1.9 The Company collects data on the online activity (including date and time of the last visit) and financial activity on the Trading Platform.

1.10 From time to time, the Company may ask Website users to fill out questionnaires to improve the quality of service, or to comply with applicable laws that can be changed at any time. Sometimes when filling out a form, one will be asked to provide the name and email address.

1.11 When contacting the Company's support service, the client is asked to include your first and last name, email address, as well as information about the dispute (if there is a dispute) or the issue.

1.12 In case the client fails to provide the info required by the Company, some restrictions on the Website can be applied.

1.13 The company complies with international legislation on countering the laundering of proceeds from crime (Anti-Money Laundering, AML). The Company adheres to the principle of “Know Your Customer,” KYC, which entitles us to request other information and data, the list of which is established by relevant laws, including information about the sources of clients' income.
2. Legal grounds
The Company ensures reliable functionality of trading mechanisms, by processing your personal data only in case it: 1. It is an integral part of the agreement on the provision of services (Client Agreement) in accordance with the client's request and its further execution. 2. Was received by the company after the client has given his/her consent to the processing such data. Everyone who registered on the Website has automatically accepted the terms of Client Agreement and Privacy Policy. 3. Was received and processed in accordance with the applicable law. The Company maintains a balance between it's legal interests and the confidentiality of clients' personal data.
3. How can the company use the info provided by the client?
3.1 The data obtained is used for providing high-quality services and creating new instruments, services, and functionality.

3.2 The data obtained using cookies and similar tools ensure the functionality of the Website.

3.3 The data collected when visiting the Website is necessary for the operation of the Trading Platform. In particular, this data may concern account currency and interface language. The aim is to make work with the Website more comfortable.

3.4 The data provided during registration and verification (first name, last name, gender, date of birth, address, and nationality) is used to contact the user promptly.

3.5 The data obtained is necessary to ensure the legality of the Company's services.

3.6 Financial information is used to protect the funds from scammers.

3.7 Personal data, such as phone number and email address, can be used for system notifications, phone calls, and text messages, including messages about changes in the operation of the Website.

3.8 You can unsubscribe from the mailing list using the link in the emails that you receive. You can also do it from your personal account by unsubscribing from phone calls and text messages.

3.9 By using clients' data, we try to adjust the Website content to individual needs maximally.

3.10 In the event the Company needs to handle clients' information provided for other purposes, we will always ask for your consent by emailing or in any other possible way.
4. How long does the Company store clients' data?
Personal data is stored during the entire period of validity of our Client Agreement. The Company may store personal client data for a longer time in case this is required by the law. Sometimes the Company stores personal data even after the termination of the Client Agreement in case there is an investigation of fraud, as well as the prevention of other crimes, including the legalization of funds obtained by illegal means.
5. Clients rights
The client has the right to demand the following:
1) Data provided to the Company for processing.
2) To make corrections to inaccuracies in data.
3) To suspend the processing of personal data
4) To delete your personal data.

Clients' right to demand that to suspend, terminate, or delete personal data is not absolute. It may be limited by applicable law.
6. Which information does the Company provide to third parties?
The company does not share personal data with third parties who are not affiliated with the activity of the website
The persons to whom the Company transfers personal data may process it on it's behalf strictly in accordance with company instructions, including this Privacy Policy.

Such persons may include the following:
1. Auditors
2. Payment systems
3. Dispute resolution organizations
4. Providers who coordinate the functioning of payment systems
5. Service providers that significantly affect the performance and operation of the Trading Platform.
6. A limited number of employees of the Company

The Company is also storing the info on CloudFlare cloud service (including users' personal data). Such information is hosted on servers in the European Union and the United States of America.

For promotional purposes, personal information can be used in the process of engagement with Google Analytics.

The level of protection of personal data in different countries may vary, and the Company is not responsible for that. However, Company partners are obligated to protect clients' data, which is stated in bilateral treaties.

The Company may also provide personal information to future partners with a guarantee of confidentiality.

By registering on the Website, the client gives consent to providing personal data to organizations or individuals that may not be listed in this Privacy Policy.

We may disclose your personal data in the following cases:
1. This is a requirement of legislation or a court decision.
2. The Company representatives are reached out by authorities with a particular application.
3. It is needed to prevent, investigate, or detect a fraud.
4. It is required to protect the rights and property of the Company.
5. In other cases provided by law.
7. Technical information protection
To ensure the security of the information provided by clients, Company uses a server certificate and a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption system. All operations carried out on the Website are well protected.
8. Passwords
Registration on the website 7OPTION.COM is possible only after you specify your email address and set your password for your account.
The Company does not have the right to make changes to data provided by the client during registration. We ask you to immediately report any unauthorized or other suspicious activities related to your account.
9. The use of services by minors
The site 7OPTION.COM is restricted for use by persons under the legal age in accordance with applicable law. The Company deletes any information from the Companies’ servers, which belongs to minors who provide his or her personal data to register on the Platform.
10. Changes
The Company may make any changes to this Privacy Policy
In the event of changes, they enter into force from the moment of posting the latest version of the Privacy Policy on the 7OPTION.COM. You can find out about the changes through the email address provided during registration.
If the client does not agree to the changes, he/she has to withdraw all the funds, block all the accounts, and stop using the services of the Website.
11. Contacts
To receive additional information or obtain answers regarding the processing of personal data, please contact us at [email protected]